14.05.18, 15:43
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Only 350 000 rubles!
What is Kibir Tandyr?
"Kibir-Tandyr" is an exquisite oriental cooking, in which absolutely all dishes are made in real tandyr or with its application!
In our cookery any buyer will find for himself a good taste for any occasion - our dishes can be pleasantly surprised guests at the event, and just have a delicious dinner in a close family circle. In the range of our cookery more than 10 kinds of cold and warm salads, hot dishes. Absolutely all dishes from our menu are prepared in tandoor.
🍗This business is for you!
This is a novelty in the Russian market, which has no analogues or competitors. You can get Exclusive on the city and become a monopolist. Every businessman knows how difficult it is to find a new and worthwhile business idea. Do not miss such a chance!
🍗The eco-fast food market in Russia is just beginning to develop and is very popular, as many people start taking care of their health, and tandoor food is not comparable to all the fast food to date!
🍗In 2015, street fast food is on the second place in the rating of anti-crisis franchises. People will always eat, even in the worst crisis. Products - this is the last thing they will save on!
We love novelties and are happy to develop and implement them. Our customers always find something new in our cookery. Our range is constantly updated based on the preferences and wishes of our customers. For this they are faithful to us!


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