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Cyprus oven & clay tandoor is a manufacturer of industrial equipment for HoReCa enterprises. At two of their own factories, located on about. Cyprus and in Russia, we produce Cypriot furnaces and clay tandyrs of the highest quality.

The factories are equipped with professional high-tech equipment for the production and manufacture of furnaces and tandyrs on an area of more than 1,000 square meters, which allows producing up to 200 units of Cypriot furnaces and tandyrs per month both for the domestic market of Russia and Cyprus, and for export to the international market. Our equipment is produced by hereditary potters who own secrets of the production of furnaces and tandyrs, having received them from their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

At the same time, in the production of our equipment we use modern technologies, which makes them highly technological, beautiful and convenient to use. Internal parts of furnaces and tandyrs we produce from natural clay with admixture of chamotte, as it was done since ancient times, which provides them with absolute ecological compatibility, we burn in an industrial furnace at a temperature of 1000 C, during the day, which gives them strength and durability.After the inner capsule is ready, it is covered with a thick layer of insulation, covered with a metal skeleton to give strength and lies in an outer capsule that can be tiled with mosaic, painted in any color or pattern, on it we can fashion any logo or even a coat of arms on customer desire.

All our equipment has a full set of quality certificates, test reports, product passports. The raw materials from which we manufacture them are constantly being tested. The service life of all our equipment is unlimited. We can safely say that it is of the highest quality, since we have been engaged in the production of Cyprus furnaces since 1976, and the tandyrs since 1985.




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